Noesis League

Last updated: 13-05-2024

It is with great pleasure that we announce the new Noesis League! This is a league spanning across 6 rapid tournaments with the time format 10+0 through the fourth quarter of 2024. The goal is to be the ultimate chess player among Noesis. The top 3 finishers after the conclusion of the league will receive a prize.

The format is simple: every Wednesday there will be 5 rounds of rapid chess, and the standings will be saved and continued throughout the league. The best 5 of the 6 tournaments will count towards your total. Don’t worry though, it is possible to skip a day or join later.


1Simon Biennier1053.5201820638.5
2Thomas Kools1043.5218621827.5
3Chiel Koster1034222822107
4Mark Razenberg1033185718636
5Wai Keung Liu1032.5145914985.5
6Tom Croese102.53183018415.5
7Niels van Happen1032204719875
8Jeroen Nuijen922129613324
9Steven Miltenburg713183018544
10Ahmet Kose1013121112504
11Niels Feijen504209421044
12Niek Seinen504190319244
13Jasper van Buul102.51181317893.5
14Nino Mesaoudi503.5217021613.5
15Rik van Noort530149115253
16Pieter Braam530145914793
17Daan van den Hof912172817803
18Tom Vennix502.5187118232.5
19Lars Nobbe520172817122
20Jitze Orij520164016112
21André Sniekers8117767932
22Ege Okay502187118302
23Tyler Mguni301.5109511311.5
24Amin Sabbah501209420381
25Peter Scheepers4014234231

Pos: tournament position
Gms: number of games played
R1: the score achieved in round 1
SRtg: the initial rating at the start of the league
Rtg: the current rating
Score: the sum of the scores of the best 5 rounds


Round 1

1Simon Biennier55005201820592709
2Thomas Kools54014218621872126
3Chiel Koster53023222822072002
4Niels van Happen53023204720191665
5Mark Razenberg53023185718671869
6Rik van Noort53023149115251850
7Wai Keung Liu52213145915091973
8Pieter Braam53023145914791703
9Tom Croese52122.5187118561561
10Jasper van Buul52122.5181318161722
11Lars Nobbe52032172817121612
12Jitze Orij52032164016111348
13Jeroen Nuijen41032129612941415
15Daan van den Hof51041217020961370
16Steven Miltenburg21011183018281633
17Ahmet Kose51041121112111315
18André Sniekers40041776775855

Round 2

1Chiel Koster53204220722102208
2Niels Feijen54014209421042092
3Niek Seinen54014190319241969
4Thomas Kools53113.5218721822120
5Nino Mesaoudi53113.5217021612070
6Simon Biennier53113.5205920632042
7Tom Croese52213185618771823
8Mark Razenberg53023186718631572
9Steven Miltenburg53023182818541991
10Ahmet Kose53023121112501705
11Tom Vennix52122.5183018411875
12Wai Keung Liu52122.5150914981250
13Niels van Happen52032201919871710
14Ege Okay52032187118301181
15Daan van den Hof41032179617801594
16Jeroen Nuijen52032129413321880
17Tyler Mguni30121.5112411311457
18Amin Sabbah51041209420381454
19Jasper van Buul51041181617891477
20André Sniekers410317757931467
21Peter Scheepers40041423423976

Pos: tournament position
Gms: number of games played
W: the number of wins
D: the number of draws
L: the number of losses
SRtg: the initial rating at the start of the round
Rtg: the current rating
TPR: the tournament performance rating

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