If you are a member and are interested in joining, login to your account and go to the committee page again. Then you can apply for any committee that you are interested in!

Activity Committee

The activity committee aims to organize fun chess activities to fill our weekly club nights with, alongside some recreational non-chess related activities with the aim to strengthen the bonds within the association. Our challenge is to sustain and support the vibrant chess community of Noesis by presenting our members with fun and interesting ways to play chess and learn from each other. Apart from that, we like to joke and goof around with each other a lot. If you’re looking to contribute to Noesis in a meaningful way while having a bit of fun as well, then the Activity Committee welcomes you with open arms.

IMC Dutch Student Chess Championship Committee

The Dutch National Student Chess Championship committee is a joint committee of both Noesis and the also newly founded student chess club in Nijmegen called S.S.V.N. Tussen de Torens. The two clubs host a yearly student chess tournament. The committee is responsible for the entire organization of this tournament. Last edition, on April 24 2022, was a huge success with over 100 participants. For next year, our budget has more than doubled. There are some great opportunities here!

Introduction Committee

The introduction committee is responsible for organizing activities during the introduction week and the master intro week at the end of August. Do you like to organize activities to enthuse people for Noesis and the game of chess with like-minded people during the summer? Consider reaching out to join the introduction committee! This committee will start it activities near the end of the year, but if you are already excited for next year’s intro, you are welcome to apply!

Promotion Committee

The promotion committee is responsible for all things promotion. The past year, they have provided the association with great merch, banners, stickers and what not. The committee is a great place to let your creativity flow, but no prior knowledge or skills are required. Now that the association is firmly established, and the bank account is showing some digits, who knows what the future holds in terms of promotion? In essence, the committee is not responsible for designing posters for activities, but if you’re interested in joining and taking up this responsibility, there are chances, surely!

Web Committee

The webcommittee maintains the website of Noesis. When something is broken, they fix it, and when the members or the board want a new feature, they also try to fix it. For example, recently they created the Noesis Meetups feature, and also made sure that you can nicely export the Noesis calendar to your Google Calendar!
The web committee meets about 4 times per year. Besides that, every few weeks, they get a short list of requests of features to implement in the website. The website is built in WordPress, which is fairly easy to maintain. Currently the webcommittee consists of 3 members, which is on the small side. If you have some experience with websites or programming and want to add something to Noesis, you can contact us and perhaps join the committee!

Weekend Committee

The weekend committee organizes a yearly event known as the Noesis Weekend. The Noesis Weekend is a jam-packed weekend full of various social activities. During this weekend, we all can let our inner grandmaster take some well-deserved rest, such that we can get to know each other on a non-chess related and more personal level. During the weekend, we also look back and celebrate what Noesis has become so far! If you decide to join the committee, you’ll be able to utilize your creativity and ideas to create something the rest of the members are going to be reminiscing about for a long time! What are you waiting for?