Chess Course

Noesis has started with a beginners chess course! With this course you can step up your chess game to the next level! No experience required!

The course consists of 7 lessons where you will learn about tactics, checkmating techniques, opening principles and endgames (see the overview below). Each lesson will be 2 hours long with an explanation of the topic, exercises and some time to play the game.

The course is open for everyone to join. The cost for members is €20,-. For non-members their will be an extra S.C.C.E. Noesis membership fee of to make you a Noesis member. The membership comes with all the perks of joining the club nights, social activities and access to the Scala kitchen.

Subscription were closed on the 1st of March.

March 4Double attack, Pin
March 11Discovered attack, Removing the defender
March 18Mate in two, Checkmating technique
March 25Defend against checkmate
Exam weeksNo lessons
April 22Little plan, Golden rules
April 29Pawn endgame basics
May 6Exam
Course overview