Club night: Free play!

Luna building - Room 1.240 De Lampendriesse 31, Eindhoven

The exam weeks are here again, but Noesis will help you take a break. There will be a free play evening where you can unwind from the exam stress with some relaxing bullet chess; or another time format you prefer, it's free play after all. So, come by to play chess & relax. The evening ... Read more

Club night and Noesis drink!

Luna building - Living Room -1 (downstairs) De Lampendriesse 31, Eindhoven

This club night we will have our first hybrid club night with a small rapid tournament and afterwards the first edition of the Noesis drink! We start with a small 10+0 tournament and at 21:30 we move to Hubble to have a gezellige drink together! Join us for this fun evening! The evening will start ... Read more

IMC Dutch Student Chess Championship

Auditorium Auditorium 5612, Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant

On April 30 we, together with our sister association SSVN Tussen de Torens, organize the official IMC Dutch Student Chess Championship! This tournament is open to all students nationwide. You don't want to miss it! All the info for this tournament can be found on this page:

Club Night: Bughouse!

Luna building - Room 1.240 De Lampendriesse 31, Eindhoven

Bughouse is a fun game mode where you play 2 vs 2, one of you is white and the other is black. Normal chess rules apply except that when your teammate captures a piece, they are passed on to you and you then have the option to put these pieces on your own board, creating ... Read more

WLC Weekend Tournament

De Hoeksteen Gerretsonlaan 1a, Eindhoven

On 5, 6 and 7 May another chess club from Eindhoven, WLC, organizes a open tournament! You will play 6 matches spread out over the weekend with 90+30 time control. More information can be found here:, sadly only in Dutch. You can indicate you're interested to go by subscribing here and you'll be able ... Read more

Club night: Tournament highlights + Rapid chess!

Luna building - Room 1.240 De Lampendriesse 31, Eindhoven

Last weekend, 15 Noesians participated a classical chess event called the WLC tournament. This club evening, we will take a look at some of the most dramatic sacrifices and impossible escapes encountered by our Noesians. We will finish off the night by playing a relaxed rapid chess tournament with a time control of 10+0. All ... Read more

Hubble Open Tournament!

Hubble (TU/e campus) De Lampendriessen 31-05, Eindhoven

After the success of the previous Hubble open tournament, S.C.C.E. Noesis organizes another open tournament in Hubble on the 13th of May! Everybody is welcome to join, members and non-members alike. The tournament is intended for players of all rating, so don’t be shy to join! Play will be divided into 7 rounds of Swiss, ... Read more

Noesis BBQ!

Jitzes place Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant

This week we are holding the Noesis BBQ again! It will be a gezellige evening and the cost of the BBQ will only be around 2 euros! Vegetarian options are also available. You don't want to miss it! You can subscribe via the following form: . Subscriptions will close at Tuesday May 16 at 23:59, ... Read more

Open Kampioenschap van Utrecht

LIFE gebouw (Berenschot) Van Deventerlaan 31, Utrecht, Utrecht

The Dutch chess club Paul Keres will organize the 48th Utrecht Open Chess Championships (OKU) in 2023. The tournament will be held from Friday May 19 until Sunday May 21 and will be played at the Berenschot office in the south of Utrecht. The rate of play will be all moves in 110 minutes + ... Read more

Online Blitz Arena!


It's been a while since the last one, but Noesis is organizing another online blitz arena to fill up your weekend! To join, you first have to join our new Lichess Team here: The password for joining the team is: . During the arena you can chat with competitors in the Noesis discord, link ... Read more

Club night: Kinjin x Noesis – Team chess and go!

Luna building - Living Room -1 (downstairs) De Lampendriesse 31, Eindhoven

We are hosting a crossover activity with the Japanese culture association Kinjin where we have a team battle of the strategic games go and chess! Teams of 4 will be playing 2 games of go and 2 games of chess each round. Are you the best tactical mastermind to rule both games? Then join us ... Read more

Club night: Rapid Chess960!

Luna building - Living Room -1 (downstairs) De Lampendriesse 31, Eindhoven

This evening we will have a nice rapid Chess960 tournament in store for you. Chess960 is an innovative chess variant where the starting position of your and your opponent's pieces is randomized, which makes each game more unique and interesting right from move 1! The time control for the games will be 10+0. The evening ... Read more

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