Club night: tournament recap + blitz tournament

Luna Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

On the 1st of June, we will have another club night. During the past weeks, some of our members participated in the WLC and the OKU chess tournaments and would like to show you some of their games. Therefore, during the upcoming club night, a recap and analysis will be given of some interesting and ... Read more

Noesis Afternoon

On the 4th of June, we will have an epic Noesis afternoon activity. At first, a Noesis weekend was planned for this week, which unfortunately is cancelled. However, we expect that you will certainly enjoy this replacement Noesis afternoon. We will host a casual football tournament and have a nice picknick. Afterwards we go to the ... Read more

Constitution Drink (CoBo)

Hubble (TU/e campus) De Lampendriessen 31-05, Eindhoven

We are very happy to invite all members of S.C.C.E. Noesis to the constitution drink (a.k.a. CoBo) of the 1st board of Student Chess Club Eindhoven Noesis. Of course, the board has been installed already for quite some time, but we are glad to be able to celebrate this with you on the 8th of ... Read more

Club night: Top coach Dolf Meijer!

Luna Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

On Wednesday June 15th, the one and only Dolf Meijer will come to Noesis to share his chess wisdom! Dolf Meijer is a big name in the Dutch chess circuit, being the official talent coach of the KNSB. He has been training chess players of wildly varying levels for a very long time. Besides that, ... Read more

Simul by CM Guus Bollen! (last club night)

Luna Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

On the 22nd of June, we will have our last club night of the academic year. For this special occasion, Candidate Master Guus Bollen is going to come to Noesis and treat us with a simultaneous exhibition (a simul in short). Please subscribe if you want to join the simul! This is a great opportunity ... Read more

Blitz Bonanza

Wrap up the week with some neat early evening end of the afternoon blitz.

Hubble chess tournament

Hubble (TU/e campus) De Lampendriessen 31-05, Eindhoven

  Subscribe at On Sunday the 10th of July we will have a casual summer chess tournament at the outdoor terrace of Hubble café. It's open for everyone from beginner to master level. It will be more about having a good time and socializing than the results of the games. There will be prizes ... Read more


Intro Week: Green Strip Market

Koeveld (in front of Auditorium)

For intro-participants: Noesis can be found at the green strip market again this year. Be sure to visit us on the Koeveld, right in front of the Auditorium building. Here, you can talk to your hearts content with current members of our association, or challenge any of us to a game of chess (ranging in ... Read more

Intro week: Techno Blitz Night

Luna building - Room 1.240 De Lampendriesse 31, Eindhoven

For intro participants: Bullet chess and techno music is a well known combination in the chess world, and during the culture night you can experience this hands on at the Techno Blitz/Bullet night at Noesis. Throughout the night you can drop by at any point to participate in the bullet extravaganza, enjoy the techno music, ... Read more

Intro week: Workshops

Luna building - Living Room -1 (downstairs) De Lampendriesse 31, Eindhoven

For intro-participants: Tactics play a central role in any player's game, from beginner to grandmaster. In these workshops, we will first give you a neat introduction to key tactics at different levels that will help you win games more easily. Next, you will be able to put your newfound knowledge to the test in some ... Read more

GMM 3 – Transfer of boards

Luna Lampendriessen 31, Eindhoven

Dear members, on Tuesday the 6th of September 2022, the third general member's meeting of Noesis will take place. Most notably, in this GMM, the first board of Noesis will be discharged, and the second board will be installed. All members are invited. The meeting will take place in Luna 1.240. Further information will follow. ... Read more

First Club Night

Luna Building - Room 1.056 De Lampendriesse 31, Eindhoven

After a nice summer, Noesis is starting its weekly club nights again. Similar to last year, we start the year with a special external speaker, Dolf Meijer!, and a rapid chess tournament. The first club night is the ideal opportunity to catch up with everyone again, and for prospective new members to taste the atmosphere ... Read more

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