Optiver Dutch Student Chess Championship!

Some background information is in order; in 2021, Noesis, and our sister association Tussen De Torens (in Nijmegen), were founded. To promote student chess in the Netherlands, it was decided to organise an incredible (student) chess tournament, called the Dutch Student Chess Championship (DSCC). Due to the events being great successes, the tournament repeats each year. Last year, we organised the second-ever edition in the Eindhoven University of Technology auditorium. I recommend reading the (great) article Thomas Kools wrote on it. 

This year, Optiver decided to sponsor the event. The previous IMC tournament will now be called the ‘Optiver Dutch Student Chess Championship’. 

We are thrilled to announce the third consecutive edition of the tournament which will be held on the 14th of April (mark the date!) at the Radboud University of Nijmegen at sportshall 1 (Heyendaalseweg 141, 6525 AJ Nijmegen; about 10-15 minutes by bus from the station). It will consist of a full day of entertaining rapid chess (10+5) and will end with a fun drink for all students from all over the Netherlands. The entry fee is only 5 euros and there will be 1500 euros worth of prizes!

If you do decide to participate it is important to take your student card with you! Also, lunch is free and arranged for you!

As stated before, this tournament is truly for all students: from total beginners to chess masters. We play in 4 individual groups, so that everyone plays against people of similar strength. We also have a team tournament for 4 people. Sign up with 3 friends from the same city or university to compete against other universities and cities. During this tournament, a standardized rating will be used, so that players from different platforms can be compared. Therefore, no KNSB or FIDE rating processing will take place. For a graphical explanation of the tournament structure, see below.

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As for the schedule here is a rough overview of how the day will look like:

9:30 Registration
10:30 Opening words
11:15 Round 1
11:55 Round 2
12:35 Round 3
13:05 Lunch break
14:30 Round 4
15:10 Round 5
15:50 Round 6
16:30 Round 7
17:15 Awards ceremony and closing

The tournament committee (which includes members from both associations) have worked hard to put this together and we hope it will be a massive success again. We hope to see most of you at this wonderful tournament again on the 14th of April. Follow our Instagram for (more) updates!