Booming Beginners Chess Course

On the 4th of March 2024, Noesis started with a brand new beginners chess course opened to everyone. The goal of this course was to step up one’s game to the next level, specifically to get to a rating of 1000. It consists of a total of 7 lessons where the participants will learn about tactics, checkmating techniques, opening principles and endgames. With each lesson being around 2 hours long, we try to cover and explain two topics a night, with some exercises and the possibility of playing a chess game as well. 

We’ve got a nice group of 9 participants, which are now all Noesis members too, hooray! The membership (as you all might know) comes with many great perks, such as joining the club nights, social activities and access to the Scala facilities. 

The two teachers, Bas and Simon, are very enthusiastic about teaching and are doing their utmost to make sure the students learn, but also retain the information and improve at chess. Nevertheless, this course was a result of many months of hard work and I’d like to thank Jitze, Thomas and Theo for their hard work and preparation. This course would not have existed without you all.

For the rest of you, keep a look out on the activity calendar for the activities we have coming up!