First Edition Hubble Tournament 2024

As a chess club we also organize some open events throughout the year where the participants don’t necessarily need to be a member and any university student can participate. About a month ago, we had the first Hubble tournament of the year. For people new to Noesis, the Hubble tournament is an open rapid tournament where we play in the best student bar in Eindhoven called Hubble.

The event was a success, with over 20 participants joining on a Saturday! The format of the tournament was 8 rounds of rapid chess with a 10+0 time control. While some discontent was expressed due to the lack of increment, which was noted, it lead to some very exciting endgames.

We also had some prizes, a trophy for the winner and some hubble coins for the top 3 players. There was also a prize for the player with the most draws. But the real prize were the experiences along the way.

Nevertheless, the participants didn’t forget to enjoy some beverages and snacks while having fun playing chess.


Seeing so many people attending the event was great to see and you can definitely expect more Hubble tournaments in the second half of the year, especially as the weather gets better. If you want to win some prizes, enjoy a nice tournament in a cozy atmosphere or just have some beers while playing casual chess: don’t forget to check the website regularly. The next Hubble tournament might be happening sooner than you expect!

As a chess club we are also organizing a variety of activities and some fun collaborations with other associations; an upcoming collaboration with Modern on February 29th will be also held in Hubble in which participants can enjoy some casual chess, while listening to some great music. For more information you can check our Activity Calendar.