New: Noesis Chess Improvers

Back in 1998, one of the greatest video games of all time, Lego Chess, was thrown into the world. For some people, like the writer of this post, it was a gateway into a lot of time spent on the game of chess. Improving back then was partially just challenging the computer on progressively higher levels. This was great and all, but it lacked a human component, because discussing something you want to learn in real life with your colleague-chess players is much more fun, and much more didactically sound. If only something like this would exist at your favorite Eindhoven student chess club..

Well turns out today is your lucky day! Enter Noesis Chess Improvers, a new initiative to connect people who not only play for leisure, but also want to invest some time to become better at the game. On regular intervals outside of our regular club night, the association will organize an evening dedicated to more thorough study of the game of chess. In the initial stage it will consist of a selected position that all the present participants have to play out with a small group of people of their own strength, and a longer game (~30 minutes per person) which will be used as input for the next Chess Improvers.

Every member is welcome, regardless of your playing level, and there is no obligation to visit every single edition of the chess improvers. The main goal is to provide a platform to learn about the game with like-minded people. We hope to see you soon at the first edition, which is on Thursday June 1st!