Joyous January/Festive February: Activity Update

January and February of the academic year, the time of the Christmas break, the Q2 exams and Carnaval. Of course also during this time Noesis hasn’t been idle. A particular highlight of these two months have been some great collaborations with other student associations! In this little news update we will show some of these great club evenings. Also, some highlights for the coming weeks will be given so make sure to read until the end.

Online blitz with Zephyr

During the dark and cold days of January, Noesis and Eindhoven student e-sport association Zephyr came together to brighten these days with a online chess tournament commentated by our Jitze and Zephyrs Sigi. During this expert commentary, Bas showed himself best suited to the arena tournament by “Beserking” in time to score some extra points over Thomas, who was ultimately also overtook by late starter Chiel. The final standings can be found here:

At the end of the evening, a classic Noesis podium appeared, though it unduly hides the battles in the rest of the standings.

Chess and Jazz

Tense position going on while Jazz magic is worked in the backgorund. Photo: Lex Dreuning

Chess and music have a historic link. Back in the 19th century, when chess was mainly played by high-brow people in salons in the big cities, often other then-considered art forms were performed like playing classical music. Nowadays, music and chess are still connected, whether it is your favorite music when you are grinding your rapid rating or the high-pace techno music when playing some bullet. No wonder that the Chess and Jazz activity together with Studentproof came to exist. A combination between a club night and a jam session in the cozy Hubble cafe, people could freely challenge each other while enjoying the great music made by the performers from Studentproof. Definitely a great experience, and one that will very likely be repeated in the future! (Also thanks to Lex from Studentproof for part of the photos!)

Grandmaster visit @Noesis

Of course, the Noesis members are all excellent chess players, however none of them rise to the level of grandmaster. It was therefore very cool to have players for this caliber visiting one of our club nights. Liam Vrolijk and Casper Schoppen are two strong grandmasters from the Netherlands, and on Wednesday February 8 they visited us in the Luna living room to challenge some of our members. Though they were ruthless on the chess board, they were very open and took the time interact with many of our members, for which we are very grateful. Beyond the presence of these grandmasters, we had a great club night with well over 30 people visiting to play some chess.

GM Casper Schoppen (left) making short work of the competition. (Photo: Levi Baruch)

Future activities

There are lots of cool activities (partially) organized by Noesis to look forward to as of the writing of this article (March 19th).

The first on this list is the group of players representing Noesis on the Alkmaar Chess Championship on March 24, 25 and 26. Thomas Kools and Bas van Doren in group A,  Nino Messaoudi in group B, Xander Ye, Max Quintus, Jasper van Buul, Niek Seinen, Steven Miltenburg and Simon Biennier in group C, and finally Jitze Orij, Joost van Engelen in group D. You can follow their results through the tournament website:

The second cool event coming up April 1st (no joke) is the Lunafest – the (free-to-visit) collective culture festival organized by all the culture associations at TU/e. Noesis contributes by organizing a “Salon” together with debate association Chronos, as well as a large collaboration project combining elements from all association. If you have time on April 1st, we warmly recommend visiting the Lunafest, not only for the Noesis activities, but also to see the great acts the other associations came up with. Check out the lunafest website for more info:

Finally, keep an eye on our calendar for the weekly activities organized by our own activity committee, as there are some great ones coming up again, including the infamous Techno Bunker. See you soon!