Balancing the board: a new member

By Thomas Kools

No, this is not an invitation to a surfing course organised by Noesis. Since the most recent GMM the
board of our association has grown from 3 to 4 people, due to the high time-pressure on the
agendas of the original board. We would like use to this message to introduce you all to the new
board member, and to show you who to complain to if things start to go poorly from now on:

Hi all, my name is Thomas Kools. I am a 2nd year PhD student in the Applied Physics department and
got my bachelor and master’s degree at Eindhoven University of Technology. Throughout my studies
I have wondered why the TU/e did not have a chess club, as I saw many people play chess during
lecture breaks. I was very excited when I heard that a student chess club would be reinstated in
Eindhoven, I was very excited about this and tried to help out where appropriate (e.g. by supporting
in setting up the bylaws, helping during the introduction week and generally being an active
member). When Joost, Tristan and Bas asked me to join the board for half a year, I saw this as a nice
opportunity to make sure we make Noesis into a rock solid association that will stand the test of
time like the game of chess itself has.

Maybe a little bit of a chess-introduction as well for those interested. I have been playing chess for
20 years now and am a strong amateur with a FIDE rating of 2136 (aiming for 2200). For about half
that time and counting, I have also been teaching chess to youths at my local chess club and have
been an active member there. If you want to know something about the closed Sicilian or
nanomagnets you know where to find me. Looking forward to my board time and seeing all of you at
the club nights!